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History and Milestones

Handa Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was Pharmira Laboratories, Inc. To expand upon product research and development (R&D) capabilities, create plans for global marketing, and achieve the goals of international R&D and sales, Pharmira carried out cash acquisition of Handa Pharmaceuticals, LLC (Handa US) and its subsidiary Hangzhou Handa Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. (Hangzhou Handa) in February 2016. The original shareholders of Handa US then participated in capital increase of Pharmira, and after evaluating global and after reviewing global positioning and future business development, this Company, following approval, renamed itself to Handa Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Handa US, a subsidiary of the Company, is also a pharmaceutical manufacturing R&D company, and specializes in developing controlled-release dosage forms and development of generic drugs with patent barriers (Paragraph IV). Since 2008, Handa US began submitting multiple abbreviated new drug applications (ANDA) for review to the US FDA and the Canadian competent authority for pharmaceutical administration. The applications include 2 successful cases of first-to-file (FTF) generic drugs, demonstrating the company’s extensive experiences in the Northern American market and commercialization.

The Company also has a second-tier subsidiary Hangzhou Handa through its subsidiary Handa US. The second-tier subsidiary is an important R&D center for the global positioning efforts of Handa, and owns large R&D areas in the city of Hangzhou. In addition to development capabilities of generic drugs with high barrier, the Hangzhou Handa can also support the Company in its plans for developing the pharmaceutical market in Mainland China.


      • Pharmira Laboratories, Inc. was established in Tainan.
      • Acquired a drug permit license from the TFDA for a jointly developed a new dosage form of an antiepileptic pharmaceutical product with a listed pharmaceutical company in Taiwan (company L).
      • Signed a joint development contract with a listed pharmaceutical company in Taiwan (company T) for a 505(b)(2) new drug (HND-024).
      • Signed a joint development contract with a pharmaceutical company in Taiwan (company Y) for a controlled-release dosage form generic drug.


      • Approved by Taiwan MOEA as a “New Drug Development” company.
      • Completed pre-clinical trial Phase IIa for the 505(b)(2) new drug product (HND-024) jointly developed with the listed pharmaceutical company in Taiwan (company T), and made plans to enter clinical trial Phase IIb.
      • Entry in the Southern Taiwan Science Park approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) Review Committee.


      • Completed technology development of controlled-release dosage form product of a generic antidepressant drug, and transferred product technology and sales privileges to a partner company (Company Y).
      • Pharmira Laboratories, Inc. completed the acquisition of US subsidiary Handa Pharmaceuticals, LLC., and its affiliate company Hangzhou Handa Pharmaceutical Technology Co. Ltd. in China.
      • US partner (Par Pharmaceutical ) launched FTF (Quetiapine XR Tablet 50mg、150mg、200mg、300mg).
      • Approved as a public company in Taiwan.
      • Shares (6620) listed on the Taiwan Emerging Market.


      • US partner (Par Pharmaceutical ) received final approval of FTF (Dexlansoprazole DR capsule 60mg).
      • US partner (Par Pharmaceutical ) received final approval of FTF (Quetiapine XR Tablet).
      • To elect three independent directors and establish the Audit Committee.


      • Successful HND-020 Pilot manufacture and HND020 Patent granted.
      • HND-016 Patent allowed.


      • ­ The “Opinions Regarding the Successful Development and Marketability of Products or Technologies Under Application by Technology Enterprises” was issued by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs and the letter issued by the Taipei Exchange was obtained.
      • Cash capital increase of NT$326 million was completed successfully, and the new strategic investors joined Handa, including Taiwania Capital.


      • ­ HND-032 (smoking cessation) ANDA filling.
      • To establish new subsidiaries, including Handa Pharma, Inc., Handa Neuroscience, LLC and Handa Oncology, LLC, and reorganize group structure.
      • 505(b)(2) new drug, HND-027 ODD granted.


      • ­Cash capital increase of NT$162 million was completed successfully.
      • Received tentative approval of the 505(b)(2) new drug, Tascenso ODT, 0.5mg for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.
      • Received final approval of the 505(b)(2) new drug, Tascenso ODT, 0.25mg for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.


      • Exclusive License Agreement with Cycle Pharmaceuticals Ltd. for Commercialization of TASCENSO ODT™ in the United States.
      • 505(b)(2) new drug, HND-033 ODD granted.
      • Cash capital increase of NT$320 million was completed successfully.
      • ­505(b)(2) new drug, HND-033 NDA filling.
      • Received final approval of the 505(b)(2) new drug, Tascenso ODT, 0.5mg for the treatment of multiple sclerosis


      • 505(b)(2) new drug, Tascenso ODT launched by Cycle Pharma.
      • Cash capital increase of NT$1.3 billion was completed successfully.